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Heat Pump Repair

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How to Avoid Ongoing Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump repair may be inevitable at some point, however simply maintaining your pump can reduce the number of repair visits AND save 10% to 25% on your energy bill. Some steps every home owner should perform include:


  • Don’t set back pump thermostat because it causes back up heat to turn on – makes it more expensive to operate
  • Avoid continuous indoor fan operation – this can reduce heat pump performance
  • Use the “auto” fan setting on the thermostat
  • Clean or change filters every month
  • Clean outdoor coils when they are dirty
  • Clean the fan (first turn off the power)
  • Clean the supply and return registers around your home
  • Straighten fins (if they are bent)


If you need heat pump repair in Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, Sisters or Sunriver, contact Central Oregon Heating and Cooling . Call 541-516-6316, for your Carrier, LG, Bryant, Coleman, Rheem, Lennox, Ruud or Trane, we fix them all!



How Your Heat Pump Repair Technician Can Help

A heat pump repair technician will conduct a full evaluation of your system before determining what must be fixed. Assessed areas include:

  • Perform a full inspection of ducts, filters, blower and indoor coil
  • Look for seal duct leakage and check for refrigerant leaks
  • Confirm adequate airflow and refrigerant charge
  • Assess electrical terminals and possibly clean and tighten connections – apply nonconductive coating
  • Add lubrication to motors and check belts for wear and tightness
  • Verify that thermostats are in working order and that electrical controls are operating properly

Don’t wait until your heat pump is broken. Central Oregon Heating and Cooling has been performing routine inspections and evaluations since 1993. We apply our experience and skill to recommend the best way to approach heat pump repair for the most efficient system.

Maintenance Service Agreement

Whether you need heat pump or furnace repair now or require a yearly maintenance inspection, contact Central Oregon Heating and Cooling, the “Home Comfort Specialists” . Call 541-516-6316. We service the Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, Sisters and Sunriver and the surrounding areas.

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