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American Standard Furnace Repair

American Standard® Furnace Repair

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American Standard® Furnace Repairs by Experienced, NATE Certified Technicians

With over 15 years of service in the heating and air conditioning industry, our team at Central Oregon Heating and Cooling is adept at providing clients in Central Oregon with top notch Lennox American Standard® furnace repairs. A Lennox American Standard® furnace is a fairly expensive investment so you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. We are not affiliated with American Standard but, should you face any problems with your system, don’t rely on an incompetent handyman to fix the equipment? Call in an experienced, NATE certified and insured furnace technician who has the necessary training on Lennox American Standard® technology and can do a thorough gas furnace repair  job.

Getting a professional service to attend to your malfunctioning furnace in time can make all the difference, but how do you know when to call in a technician? What signs will your Lennox American Standard® furnace show prompting you to take timely action?

  • The simplest one—you are cold indoors and the furnace seems to be producing less heat than what you have known it to generate in the past
  • The ignition system is unreliable or won’t light
  • The thermocouple appears to be faulty
  • The ignition system activates, but will not ignite the burner

Now, for the weekend warrior or the penny-wise homeowner, it is tempting to call a fix-it-all repair service. That could, however, be potentially damaging to your Lennox American Standard® furnace. Don’t risk it and pour money down the drain—instead, for quality Lennox American Standard® furnace repairs in Central Oregon, including the Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, Sisters, Sunriver and the surrounding areas, contact CO Heating and Cooling at 541-516-6316 immediately.



Top-Of-The-Line Lennox American Standard® Furnace Repairs Require a Trained Eye

At CO Heating and Cooling, our technicians are trained by manufacturers to understand the technology behind name brand furnaces such as Lennox American Standard®. When we perform repairs, we are not resorting to trial and error methods; we know what we are doing, we have been NATE trained and certified, and we have the right tools and equipment to get the job done in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Not to forget, we adhere to the highest standards of safety so that neither our technicians, nor your property or occupants in your home or office premises are endangered in any way at all.

What can you expect from CO Heating and Cooling?

  • Emergency Services: Our team of technicians is dedicated to delivering quality and we are so committed to customer service that you can count on us for 25/8 availability for furnace repair services.
  • Professionalism: Licensed, insured and uniformed, our specialists are professional in every way. We always treat you and your home with the utmost respect.
  • Efficiency: We understand the value of time and aim to work quickly and skillfully. Our goal is to finish every job successfully in as little time as possible. After all, if your furnace is broken, we don’t want to leave you in the cold!

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