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On Time!

March 2018 by Steve J. Giardini
On time, good service, no hidden fees. Personable service staff providing explanations at every step of work. Prices competitive. Personal need to-date preventative service only.

Loyal Customer

March 2018 by Richard Nieport
We have been using Central Oregon Heating & Cooling for about 4 years now and beer very pleased. They come regularly and take care of everything. The tech (Leon Joseph) is always friendly and offers words of advice regarding our heat/air unit.

Damon was great!

March 2018 by Thomas Wisdom
I called late on a Thursday afternoon to figure out how to get someone out for service on a heat pump that wasn’t working properly. Expecting to get someone by Monday at the earliest I was extremely impressed and relieved that they were sending someone that evening. Damon came out with a smile and full of knowledge. He worked until past dark to try and diagnose the problem and then came back for the actual repair this week. All in all I am very impressed with the service and I cannot recommend them enough. Damon truly went above and beyond and I cannot thank him enough.

COHC fixed our Air Conditioner

March 2018 by Tara Cooper
Courteous, on-time, confirmed our appointment, explained what they found, were patient with my questions. We first started using COHC when we bought our house and felt like the cooling wasn’t cool… sure enough, the previous owners had installed something wrong. COHC fixed it, and now keeps our system going strong. Thanks, COHC!

Pleasant & Professional!

March 2018 by Rick Davis
All the people I dealt with were pleasant and professional. Eric was excellent at explaining and ensuring that furnace unit would do what we wanted. Tom was efficient and professional in the installation.

love central oregon heating and cooling!

Nov 17,2017 by janice mathers
Just had a new furnace installed and the process was seamless from the first phonecall to the final inspection. Garret, who did the installation was efficient and delightful. Everyone was. And we are thrilled with the results!!


Aug 11,2017 by David Myers
 Just had an A.C. unit installed . The guys who were here were really great !!! Courteous , efficient and quick. When they left they even swept up my garage . The unit is working great and it was all a pleasant experience . Thank you so much for a job well done … thats a 10 in my book !!!

Great customer service

Jul 31,2017 by Tina Poulis
I called in to find out more information about the Green Shield program and a young lady by the name of Madeline was very helpful and informative. She gave me detailed information and was extremely polite when answering my list of questions. Thank you again for all the time you spent, you were amazing!

Great Service

Jul 25,2017 by Marilyn and Dave Smith
We can’t thank COHC enough for their sincere help in getting our propane system retrofitted to make it usable. It was a huge dilemma that lasted over 1 1/2 + years after being told our system was too old. I actually couldn’t believe when Kim, COHC new construction coordinator, told me, "We can do that!" I almost DIDN’T believe her, I’d been told "NO" so many times. Kim handled all the arrangements and sent Vyncent, gas pipe installer, @ COHC to do our piping. He is very well trained in what we needed & far exceeded what we anticipated. Vyncent didn’t act like what we needed was impossible. Because of the dusty conditions and the heat, we wondered if he would actually want to do the job. Vyncent said it was "No problem". He’d seen worse was his comment. Such a nice person with a great demeanor to boot. These two employees are far and above the norm and are an important part of this Central Oregon Heating & Cooling Team.

Would highly recommend Central Oregon Heating and Cooling

Jun 12,2017 by James Brunner
Regarding Central Oregon Heating & Cooling (Cracked Heat Exchangers) First off, I wish to thank the team at Central Oregon Heating & Cooling for their promptness and professionalism of dealing with this matter. The team at Central Oregon Heating & Cooling offered an on-site clarification demonstration and training session with a heat exchanger expert from Colorado. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to express my views and concerns about service policy and regulations regarding cracked heat exchangers. There are regulations or at least recommendations from various industry-governing bodies and co-industry (i.e., gas) that make it difficult for both the customer and service company to deal with cracked heat exchangers. Liability issues always surface in possible risk situations, and fair or not, not always are they based on probable percentages of actual risk. This in itself causes service companies to opt for a zero percent risk policy, hand-tying them to replace all cracked exchangers. This, in return, places customers in a vulnerable position to have to make an immediate, expensive decision when they are told this furnace possibly is leaking carbon monoxide in to the home endangering the family. I am not, by any means, an industry expert, but I believe there are ways to test and ascertain the immediate threat based on the current functionality of the unit. At some point and time, should the unit be replaced? Probably yes, but does it have to be that day? Outside temperatures, finances, and knowledge are all governing factors to a customer’s decision. In all of this, I am certainly not advocating risking anyone’s life, but when the government’s statistics* between "possible" versus "probable" risk equates to somewhere around 0.000016 (estimated) on deaths per year due to cracked heat exchangers, we may be overstating the risk. To clarify, this is my opinion. Once again, I am not an industry professional. In conclusion, I wish again to thank Central Oregon Heating & Cooling for the time and expense to provide a forum for discussion regarding this matter, and I want to stress that their response to this situation was well within industry standards. Don, Kathie, and the team acted with a high regard for me, the customer, by coming back and making sure I was pleased with their work. They were very ethical, honest, and were a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Central Oregon Heating and Cooling to others who want quality service. *-based on Consumer Product Safety Commission statistics


Apr 26,2017 by John Adamson
Way to go over the top on customer service. Tom not only did a fantastic job installing my furnace but also helped take down my Xmas lights. Thank you Central Oregon Heating for hiring people like him.

Complete System

Jan 30,2017 by Alayna Martin
My husband I decided it was time to stop using our cadet heaters, we were not sure what route to take. After careful consideration and design by COHC we decided to put in a whole house heat pump system. It has been two years and we could not be more happy with the decision! The whole house is comfortable, staying the same temperature and our electric bill has always been more than reasonable (Saving us money). The installation passed with flying colors and the incentive money really helped off set the initial installation cost. A nice note to touch on, we have not had any issues with the system. We just replace the filter and stay comfortable.

Service call

Jan 30,2017 by Derek James
We had a very good experience with COHC. From the first call to the tech coming into our house. Everything was professional and timely. Thank you for making a very bad situation into a great one!


Aug 19,2016 by Richard
I would like to express my appreciation to Central Oregon Heating & Cooling, more specifically both BiIIy & Tony for their courteous and professional/ service while completing their responsibilities here at Sherman County. Their work ethic is a compliment to your business manner.


I smile as I listen to the purr of the heating & cooling system you installed this summer… click to see the Christmas card!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

System Installation

Thank you very much for how you handle business. The organization of my installation was very well done, and the staff performing the installation were very respectful and efficient. You arrived when you promised and left on schedule. You guys worked hard and fast and were great. Please thank everyone involved for me – I was impressed. A special thanks to Brian for all his work – you are great!!

Service Call

Thanks for quick and good service from Cal in the middle of the night! From two appreciative and cold for a while, senior citizens!

-Paul and Heather

Service Call

Dear Don and Dave,
Thanks for your willingness to come this far – and do so much! You are indeed craftsmen extraordinaires! Thanks again!

-Nancy and Dan

To the Crew at Central Oregon Heating & Cooling,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent workmanship provided by the sub-contractors, the quality materials provided by the suppliers, and all of your expertise that was provided for the house. As you are aware, and I am pleased to say that this house was in the Tour of homes. Because of your quality and skill, the home received the “BEST VALUE’ award. Keep up the excellent performance and once again, thank you for making this house an award winning home!

Best regards,

Kim D.

Omni West Construction


Dear Mr. Todd;
I would like to express my appreciation to Central Oregon Heating & Cooling, more specifically both BiIIy & Tony for their courteous and professional/ service while completing their responsibilities here at Sherman County. Their work ethic is a compliment to your business manner.



Sherman County Assessor


Atta Boy to COHC

Dave Beamish did such a GREAT job at Ann Keller’s house that she called to tell us!!

“Dave did such a great job, I just LOVE him. You have a GREAT employee there…..Better keep him! He was so sweet and explained things very well.”


Service Call


Just a note to thank you for all the terrific service I’ve had the past few years. All the fellows that have taken care of my equipment are courteous, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable, but no one more than Cal. It’s always a pleasure to have him for my service call. If your guys have specific customers please keep me on the list.

Thanks again,


Nick, l just LOVE Nick. That young guy did such a great job. I have had nothing but TROUBLE with my unit since install….he was just such a breath of fresh air! PLEASE ONLY SEND HIM BACK TO REPLACE MY PART!

Great Job NICK!!

Request For Quote

One of our customers, Lee Landice, stopped by the office the other day singing our praises throughout the last year we have worked with him. He stated Wes fully explained the systems we offer, their quality and their workings, as well as detailed pricing info. He said Cal was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He used words like “integrity” and “honest deal” to describe our company and acknowledged us as putting customer service as priority one. We had a very nice conversation.



Dear Don Todd,

We just want to thank you, thank you, and thank you all, Janice, Lindsey, Dan and Larry. Our compressor went out June 28th. Calling around to some of the other air conditioning business people you were the only ones to go out of your way to help us fix the problem. Being that our visiting time in Oregon is short, Central Oregon Heating and Cooling came to our rescue. lt did not help that the temp that week was the highest in the last several years for that time of year. You can only imagine sitting in the house with the average temp at 91. After Larry installed and set the thermostat with us we were good to go. Blessings to all of you that were involved in our predicament, we truly enjoyed working with you.

Request For Quote

Dear Ben,

Just a note to thank you for so generously and patiently explaining the options for the mini split systems and the most efficient, effective, and money wise way to approach Duckett’s system. I will be in touch when the people have made their decisions. Enjoy summers gifts.




Thank you all so very much for getting our AC installed so quickly and for being so caring about my daughter’s needs. Laura and I really do appreciate it and a great big thank you to the young man who installed it. It was so hot that day, but he powered through and got the job done… and you deserve a big thank you!

Very happy,