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Kathie Todd of Central Oregon Heating & Cooling is the 2014 HVACR Woman of the Year

It is not easy to start and run a profitable business, especially if you are wife, mother and homemaker. No one knows that better than Kathie Todd of Central Oregon Heating & Cooling. It was 20 years ago that Kathie, her husband Don, and Brian and Connie Smith started Central Oregon Heating & Cooling in their garages. As the largest HVAC dealer in central Oregon, Central Oregon Heating & Cooling is proud to have her as part of the Central Oregon Heating & Cooling family.

Kathie Todd has worked many roles at Central Oregon Heating & Cooling—from administrative management to chief financial officer. In addition to handling the company’s finances, Kathie also oversees all employee training, marketing, safety compliance, human resources, etc.

Awarded 2014 HVACR Woman of the Year by ContractingBusiness.com

Kathie Todd was awarded the 2014 HVACR Woman of the Year from ContractingBusiness.com for her hard work and dedication to the industry. Using her background in tax work and accounting, Kathie was able to help take her husband’s business to a level that they had never dreamed it could reach. Kathie provided a “feet-on-the-ground” aspect to the business, reading the financials and making sure the company placed itself in a position for growth.
When the company first started, Kathie still worked full-time in a tax office, devoting her nights and weekends to Central Oregon Heating & Cooling, while raising four children. The founders of the company went without wages for the first seven months they were in business, eventually earning $10 per hour while Kathie made nothing. As the business grew, wages finally reached a competitive rate and Kathie was able to devote herself full-time to the company.

Kathie attributes a large part of their success to Vital Learning Experiences through consultants Vicki and John LaPlant. It was her experience in 2002 that really helped her take Central Oregon Heating & Cooling to the next level. The LaPlant’s were among the individuals that nominated her for the Woman of the Year award.

Her time is not just spent in the office. Kathie has a large industry influence—from participating in the Comfortech conference to being an active member of the Service Roundtable Alliance, Kathie has devoted herself to Central Oregon Heating & Cooling and the comfort systems industry.

Central Oregon Heating & Cooling is proud of Kathie’s accomplishments and congratulates her on receiving the 2014 HVACR Woman of the Year award.