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Expert Repairs, Service and Installation by Your HVAC Contractor in Bend, Oregon

When it comes to heating or cooling your home, you want a system that is reliable and as energy-efficient as possible. That is where a qualified HVAC contractor comes into play. With the right contractor by your side, you can upgrade to the most efficient units, and also maintain and repair the unit you already have so that you get the most out of your investment.

Whether you need a repair, maintenance appointment or have questions about a new system, Cooling Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is here to help. Call us now at 541-516-6316 for sales and locations.

Signs that it is Time to Call an HVAC Contractor in Bend, Oregon

It is always best to stay on top of repairs and maintenance to keep your home’s HVAC system functioning optimally. To do that, you have to watch for the signs your unit is giving you. Here are some signs that may indicate it is time to call in a professional:

  1. Your System is Functioning Differently – The system is working, but you notice irregularities, which could mean that your system is starting to fail. Calling an HVAC contractor in Bend to check out the system and diagnose the irregularities is important. A trained technician will be able to catch minor issues and perform efficient repairs before they become more costly damage or replacement expenses.
  2. Your Heating or Cooling Costs are Increasing – While rates fluctuate, sudden and unexplained energy cost increases should not be ignored. Typically, these changes indicate there is something functioning incorrectly with your unit and a specialist can help get it back on track.
  3. Performance Issues – If rooms seems colder than they used to be or it seems as though your unit cannot adequately heat the space, you should call in a licensed contractor to have it tested.
  4. Age – The older your HVAC system is, the more likely it will need repair and possible replacement. Any system over 10-15 years should be assessed for replacement, especially if it is not performing as it used to or costing you too much in annual repairs.We are the premiere HVAC Contractor Bend

For new installations, repairs or maintenance, contact the HVAC Contractor Bend at Cooling Central Oregon Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today. To reach an HVAC contractor in Bend, Oregon, call us at 541-516-6316 or contact us online.